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Blond big tits and fishnets – nice

Posted by jackie on July 21, 2010 in Big Tits with No Comments

There are some great pictures in this series. She is blond, she has got some big tits, and she is wearing fishnets. The things that wet dreams are made of. The is sporting a cop uniform for a minute, but the clothes don’t last long. She strips and poses for the camera quickly.


blond big tits and fishnets

She has some nice poses and she shows off her assets and gets a cock between her tits. I like her facial expressions, and I’d love to see her in real life. Certainly some great photos with an above average girl. Hardcore sex with a hot slut who knows how to show what we want to see.

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Big boobs blond bimbo fucks

Posted by jackie on July 14, 2010 in big boobs with No Comments

She has some nice boobs, and I am fond of blonds. Not sure I like the photo shoot overall, as she is fucking some bald tattooed up guy. I guess some people are into that, so it’s a minor distraction. Overall she is the kind of girl I know I would want to fuck when I see her in a bar. The kind of bimbo who will probably have sex with you the first night.


big boobs blond bimbo nude sex

I kind of like sluts like that. She would most likely show off her big boobs if you offered her a body shot. Probably the kind of high maintenance ho that thinks she deserves top shelf liquor, but would end up sleeping with a broke guy just because he gave her some attention. Not the kind of girl I would take home to mom, but I sure wouldn’t mind watching her boobs bounce while she fucked me.

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