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Jackie Melon


Posted by jackie on June 1, 2007 with 1 Comment

Jackie melon has a big boob fetish. Sometimes she is refered to as the big boobed slut, or bitch with  huge fucking tits, sometimes people just stare at her melons. Jackie likes to love, touch, caress and otherwise worship the juggs of life and feel bodacious ta tas. Grande Chi Chis are ther thang, and she doesn’t hide it!

Some of the galleries and or other information presented here may include financial compensation throught the use of adult webmaster affiliate programs, or similar arrangment. This blog and it’s writings should be used with tha tin mind, and only for entertainment purposes for adults. Nothing in these writings is to be considered factual in any way. Now go back to big boobed fantasy jackie melon land and enjoy!

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Jackies Melons

This is a site for my boobs fetish. This site is for adults only. No one under the a...

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    nice photo

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